03 March 2010

23 February 2010

she goes

for the rested



18 November 2009

bring me sugar

"In the end everybody wants to get rid of their demons and find inner peace? I don’t want to get rid of my demons. Do you understand me? That’s the difference. You only can find inner peace when you live with your demons. It is even impossible to get rid of them. Jesus wouldn’t have spent 40 days and nights in the desert if he hadn’t demons. Theoretically impossible. That is the lie Christianity makes. That you have to get rid of the Devil and sin. My God, then you give away all your powers! I’m just like Faust, baby, just take a seat. When you’re gonna dig in your shadow patterns, you find a part of yourself you could call the Wicked Mother or the Evil Queen. Well just talk to her. Make a deal with her. Cause she’s part of your life. People who think they’ve gotten rid of their demons are gonna do crazy things for compensation. They’re gonna do weird, kinky sex games. Sniffing the underwear of little girls. And those guys think they’re rid of their demons. No! You have to dance with your demons, raise them. When you get to know your demons you grow as a person. I’m beginning to know mine."

-- Tori Amos


"I've dedicated my career to fighting the mundane. My hope is that my career will be a shining example to children everywhere that life is more meaningful when you are not afraid to see all colors of the rainbow."

-- RuPaul Andre Charles